Shuttle Bus

Status: Disruption

Our permanent Shuttle bus is breakdown at the moment, send to mechanic for repair.<br /> <br /> However our relief shutter bus is coming to take over the permanent shutter bus. <br /> <br />

Shuttle bus service is available from Monday to Fridays excluding Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays. The shuttle bus is chargeable at $1 per pax per ride using EZ Link Card. Please note that NETS Flashpay Card is not accepted due to different payment platform from EZ Link.
Revised operating hours for shuttle bus services wef 2 June 2016 is as follows:

* Bus will depart before scheduled timing once it is full.

* Passengers are expected to be 5 mins earlier than the scheduled time.

* All timings are estimated and subject to traffic conditions.

* Management reserves the right to amend timings at any time.

Depart from Somerset
8.00 am
8.30 am
8.50 am
9.10 am
9.25 am
9.40 am
12.20 pm
12.40 pm
1.00 pm
1.20 pm
1.40 pm
2.00 pm
6.00 pm
6.20 pm
6.40 pm
7.00 pm
7.20 pm (Last Bus)
Depart from The Herencia
8.20 am
8.40 am
9.00 am
9.20 am
9.35 am
10.00 am
12.00 pm
12.30 pm
12.50 pm
1.10 pm
1.30 pm
1.50 pm
5.30 pm
6.10 pm
6.30 pm
6.50 pm
7.10 pm
7.30 pm (Last Bus)


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